New Products

With our OAM2 Appointment Diary now under the care of BizDiary Australia, Digex is focused on developing a new line of cross-platform products. More information will be available soon.

OAM2 has been rebranded as BizDiary and is now managed by BizDiary Australia.

The BizDiary Appointment Scheduler continues to provide all the features of our former OAM2 product, plus a number of enhancements. OAM2 in turn built upon the success of version 1.5.

OAM screenshot

To learn more visit the BizDiary Australia website.

On the site you can try out the live appointment diary demo.

You can also sign up for a no-obligation, 30-day FREE TRIAL.


We no longer offer OAM1 to new customers.

All existing customers have now chosen to migrate to OAM2.

Future Products

Over the coming year we plan to continue to expand our range of high-quality, user-friendly products for both the web and the desktop environment.

Custom Desktop Products

Digex continues to provide full support for our range of desktop products.

Current customers can contact us directly, or via the support page.